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Diane De Pisa



Available Oct.4, 2023

Rebirth on Xarbo

A genre-bending science fiction tale that takes place on several planets and through two lifetimes, rife with psychic magic as well as insights from psychology and physics.

Yearning to reunite in the afterlife, a couple’s search runs afoul

of both the materialistic Technists on Earth and the intransigent

laws of Commensuration on their adoptive planet Xarbo, where

rewards and retributions fly fast.

Their quest for destiny leads to far-flung planets — one occupied by the disembodied brains of human astronauts, another by soulless clones — as the reincarnated pair

find themselves on separate planets and following divergent paths.

Hints of Star Trek and of Ram Das combine oddly with eroticism

and mysticism in this epic tale of personal evolution.

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Diane is glad to give informal presentations for Rebirth on Xarbo at homes, stores, libraries, or other venues. Contact

Love of Finished Years

                   Messages between Soul Mates

Love of Finished Years speaks from the heart of grief and relief and, uniquely,  it

  • addresses the deceased person directly.

  • probes universal issues in the context of a cross-cultural marriage.

  • combines journal entries with poetry.

  • encompasses the agony of loss and intimations of afterlife.

The posthumous love story unfolds in six chapters. The first three explore the bewilderment of loss:  "Vertigo," "Where Are You?" and "Balancing Acts."  The last three confide spiritual and paranormal experiences:  "Signs," "Dreams," and "Ceremonies."
These true confessions to the lost beloved speak to all who struggle with relationships, bereavement, and faith in higher powers.