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Diane De Pisa



Available Oct.4, 2023

Rebirth on Xarbo

A genre-bending science fiction tale that takes place on several planets and through two lifetimes, rife with psychic magic as well as insights from psychology and physics.

Yearning to reunite in the afterlife, a couple’s search runs afoul

of both the materialistic Technists on Earth and the intransigent

laws of Commensuration on their adoptive planet Xarbo, where

rewards and retributions fly fast.

Their quest for destiny leads to far-flung planets — one occupied by the disembodied brains of human astronauts, another by soulless clones — as the reincarnated pair

find themselves on separate planets and following divergent paths.

Hints of Star Trek and of Ram Das combine oddly with eroticism

and mysticism in this epic tale of personal evolution.

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Diane is glad to give informal presentations for Rebirth on Xarbo at homes, stores, libraries, or other venues. Contact

Love of Finished Years

                   Messages between Soul Mates

Love of Finished Years speaks from the heart of grief and relief and, uniquely,  it

  • addresses the deceased person directly.

  • probes universal issues in the context of a cross-cultural marriage.

  • combines journal entries with poetry.

  • encompasses the agony of loss and intimations of afterlife.

The posthumous love story unfolds in six chapters. The first three explore the bewilderment of loss:  "Vertigo," "Where Are You?" and "Balancing Acts."  The last three confide spiritual and paranormal experiences:  "Signs," "Dreams," and "Ceremonies."
These true confessions to the lost beloved speak to all who struggle with relationships, bereavement, and faith in higher powers.

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In The Press


Beautiful, consoling story of grief .


In beautifully crafted prose and poetry, De Pisa’s book is both an elegy to her intelligent and artistic life’s companion, Elio, and an honest and poignant examination of her own devastation following his death. She examines their bi-cultural marriage with an unflinching eye, revealing its weaknesses, conflicts, and resentments. A secular intellectual, De Pisa is surprised to experience an expanding web of after-death connections and communications with Elio, which console her. Her craftsmanship and moving emotional revelations are relatable to all readers interested in human mortality as well as fine prose and poetry.

Real. Intimate. Warm.

Those of us who love poetry, know that solace can be found in Diane De Pisa’s deeply personal offering, a poetic journey through the grieving process. Each poem accompanied by elegant journal entries draws us into a love story replete with imagination, empathy, humor, and wisdom. The book has the unique ability to both break our heart while lifting us up. In Love of Finished Years, De Pisa’s poetry combined with her sparkling prose describes a journey that is both intimate, universal, and consoling.


~ Susan J. Austin


~ Sally Tubach

This beautifully written book is the story of Diane's transformational life journey due to the death of
her beloved husband. De Pisa's vivid description of the journey's stages and trials is a needed guide
based on personal experience for what one will face upon such a loss.

~Alexander Pappas, author of
Heaven and Nirvana: Duality and Nonduality in the World Religions

This is a gem of a book that inspires.


This gem of a book moved me deeply. Diane De Pisa shares her thoughts and feelings in beautiful poetry and prose that she makes an effective combo. She paints a vividly well-rounded portrait of Elio, her husband. I find it moving that she does not whitewash him, pointing out Elio's many flaws. Yet we sense a very talented man, as well as the deep, rich connection they had. The coincidences and signs and vivid dreams after his death are very provocative. The spiritual life they shared shines through.

~ Julia Montrond

There is something special about a love bond that transcends time, a bond that brings joy but cannot
escape grief, a bond that ends in time but time can never end, a bond that is primarily expressed in
poetry. Diane De Pisa's book Love of Finished Years gives expression to just such a relationship. It
is an honor for me to endorse her book.

From page 1, we are led through a profound encounter with mystery and meaning. Here we learn of
coincidences, dreams, and signs that speak to the intricacies, contradictions, and beauty of a long
marriage and a relationship after death. Love of Finished Years offers a beacon of hope for the
journey of grief.

~ Ron Sebring, pastor

~ Sharon Rose Waller, Clinical Chaplain and Bereavement Counselor

News & Events



My husband Elio (d.2002) was an avid amateur photographer.
I published a collection of his iconic images, Berkeley Then:  A Photo Diary of the Sixties Scene in 2016.
A year later the Berkeley Times began a two-year series featuring the photos with my commentary.

Previously the Times serialized in condensed form my novel
As Sour Grapes Ripen, a satire of competitiveness in academia.

Twenty poems appear in various journals as well as three
articles based on my dissertation on Black Elk Speaks.

Just for Fun for Friends


Diane's Desserts, is a collection
of recipes, including

Chessboard Nut Torte
Chocolate Health-food Cake
Quince Jelly
Garbanzo Candy
Semifreddo di castagne
Zuppa inglese


Love. Online:  Four Stories


                                               Personal Background

                                               Born Diane MacQuarrie, Prince Edward Island, Canada

                                               Married to Elio De Pisa from Rome, Italy (d. 2002)



                                               BA in Italian, University of California, Berkeley

                                               MA and PhD in Comparative Literature, UC Berkeley                            




                                               Themes in Black Elk Speaks, directed by N. Scott Momaday


                                               Grand Prize for short story, “Visions Etched in Ice,”                       

                                               Victoria (Prince Edward Island) Literary Festival 2018

                                               Foundlings of Medusa (science fiction novel) finalist,                   

                                               New Rivers Electronic Book Series, 2014

                                               "Blind Love," second place winner in Delizon Publishers' short story

                                               contest, spring 2013

                                               "Fallen Tree" semi-finalist, New Millennium short fiction, 2013

                                               The Devil’s Darning Needle (literary novel) finalist for New Rivers Press

                                               emerging writers contest, 2011

                                               “Transformations” honorable mention in Writecorner Press’s

                                               E.M. Koeppel Short Fiction Awards, 2010

                                               “Bird Tracks: A Pantoum” winner of Poetry Society of America’s

                                                Louis Hammer Memorial Award for a surreal poem, 2010



For any inquiries, please email Diane De Pisa:

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Diane would be happy to give an informal presentation on Love of Finished Years at your place of worship, residence, grief work, or book discussion, or at libraries or stores.

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